Conference Day 1

09:15 AM Registration and welcome coffee

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Truels Kjer

Senior Risk Engineer CoC Windpower, Vice President, Products & Global Marke
CoC Windpower / Swiss Re Denmark Services A/S, Denmark
  • System to comply with Reactive power capability

  • Power quality

  • System to comply with energisation dips

  • Harmonics (WTG harmonics, internal harmonics, interaction grid impedance/Gemini impedance)


  • Mvar controller

  • SCADA integration and security


Paul van Leest

Package Manager Electrical Infrastructure
Gemini Offshore Wind, Netherlands

Peter Huiberts

SCADA Engineer
Gemini Offshore Wind, Netherlands

10:45 AM Design, construction and operation of far-shore HV wind farms: Contractor’s key take aways

Thomas Van Peteghem, Electrical Project Engineer, Systems Division, CG, Belgium
  • MVAR control of the overall wind farm

  • Harmonic behaviour of the offshore grid connection

  • Loading of the equipment: design values vs in-situ values


Thomas Van Peteghem

Electrical Project Engineer
Systems Division, CG, Belgium

11:15 AM Speed Networking

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12:00 PM Refreshment break and networking

  • Experience with EPCI contracts

  • General outline of the Sandbank platform

  • Lessons learned and new approaches for future projects


Troels Jensen

Division Manager
Bladt Industries A/S, Denmark

Carsten Nielsen

Vice President, Wind Oil & Gas Division,
Semco Maritime A/S, Denmark
  • Offshore Grid connection DK

  • Offshore project portfolio at Energinet.dk

  • Present projects:

- Horns Rev C: Design approach, construction challenges, installation and lessons learned

- Kriegers Flak AC and CGS: Design approach and current status


Thomas Thinggaard

Project Manager for Horns Rev C Substation
Energinet.dk, Denmark

Steffen Engberg

Project Manager for Kriegers Flak AC and CGS Substructures
Energinet.dk, Denmark

1:35 PM Networking luncheon

Increasing OSS efficiency from design to installation

3:00 PM Strategies for cost reduction and optimization of substations design

Reimar Schlögl, Managing Director, tkb Technologiekontor Bremerhaven, Germany
  • New trends in electrical substation design

  • Lessons from the design and construction of the wind farm

  • Cost effective grid code compliant designs

  • Trade-offs between robustness and lean substation design


Reimar Schlögl

Managing Director
tkb Technologiekontor Bremerhaven, Germany

3:30 PM Utilities’ experience on Sandbank substation

Bart Verbeeck, Package Manager Offshore Substation, Vattenfall, Germany
  • Lessons learned through design, fabrication and installation of Sandbank substation

  • Specific technical challenges in Germany

  • GIS, so why not GIT?

  • Contract approach: FIDIC


Bart Verbeeck

Package Manager Offshore Substation
Vattenfall, Germany

4:00 PM Refreshment break and networking

Deep Dives

4:30 PM Strategic Deep Dives

Choose your main discussion topic and deepen your knowledge in close dialogue with experts by pointed questions:

Deep Dive A

4:30 PM Opportunity niches for improved production of OSS

Thomas Thinggaard, Project Manager for Horns Rev C Substation, Energinet.dk, Denmark
  • What do developers and TSOs expect from suppliers?

  • Where are the biggest areas to save time and budget?


Thomas Thinggaard

Project Manager for Horns Rev C Substation
Energinet.dk, Denmark

Deep Dive B

4:30 PM Tackling supply-chain challenges

Troels Jensen, Division Manager, Bladt Industries A/S, Denmark
  • How could we build an optimised wind farm supply chain?

  • Is it possible to reuse existing supply chains?

  • Are there modular and cost-effective solutions available?


Troels Jensen

Division Manager
Bladt Industries A/S, Denmark

Deep Dive C

4:30 PM Certification and accreditation schemes for future substations

  • Which are the main challenges for the approval and certification of new substations?
  • What strategies and tools should be developed to fulfil the requirement of the licensing processes?

5:00 PM Deep Dive recap

The intensive discussions in the working groups are followed by a short wrap up to summarize the discussion outcomes in plenum

Challenges and achievements in topside design and construction

5:10 PM Solving the topside weight optimisation challenge

Daniel Noermark, Senior Project Manager, Offshore Substations, Ramboll, Denmark
  • Structural optimization – achieve the optimum

  • Weight trends and benchmarking across projects

  • Case study – recent UK projects


Daniel Noermark

Senior Project Manager
Offshore Substations, Ramboll, Denmark

5:40 PM Challenges & success factors in engineering topside HornsRevC

Jan Willem van Bloois, Director Sales & Marketing, KCI, Netherlands
  • Moving target during tender phase

  • Close cooperation/integrated project team with end-client and contractor

  • More than just engineering: enlarging the scope with vendor management & expediting

  • Flexible construction support to optimise detailed design


Jan Willem van Bloois

Director Sales & Marketing
KCI, Netherlands


Truels Kjer

Senior Risk Engineer CoC Windpower, Vice President, Products & Global Marke
CoC Windpower / Swiss Re Denmark Services A/S, Denmark

6:30 PM Evening Event

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