August 29 - 31, 2017
Swissôtel Bremen, Germany

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Offshore Substations 2017 Agenda

The program is designed to:

  • Learn from utilities’ and TSOs’ latest project experiences to create an  O&M-friendly design and cost effective planning for future maintenance
  • Discuss main cost drivers to develop realistic cost estimation for upcoming projects
  • Discover new electrical design concepts to improve reliability in offshore environments
  • Review substructures to optimise the choice of materials and installation 
  • Explore potential weight savings to ease up installation
  • Hear about cost effective grid code compliant designs

Exclusive Content

Q&A Paul van Leest, Gemini Offshore Wind

We sat down with Paul van Leest, Package Manager Electrical at Gemini Offshore Wind, to discuss his perspective on the major substation developments, what impact they will have on future projects, and how the industry could face upcoming challenges. 

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Download the Registration Form


CG Presents: Recent Trends in Electrical Substation Design

CG shares their presentation on the recent trends in electrical substation design for wind power, as presented by Stijn Hendrix, Electrical Project Engineer, at last year's conference. 

HVDC Optimisation using Proven Technology

Gordon Jackson, Director Marine & Offshore Structures at ARUP gave a presentation on last year's conference about Arup Concept Elevator (ACE) platforms, functional requirements for HVDC converter stations, optimising topsides weight and size, cost-effective transportation and installation and how to lower O&M costs.

Bladt Industries and Semco Maritime about: Sandbank Offshore Substation

Troels Gert Jensen, Division Manager and Carsten Nielsen, Vice President at Semco Maritime and Bladt Industries are sharing their presentation about four different phases in the Sandbank OSS - Tender Phase, Design/Planning Phase, Onshore Construstion/Test, Offshore Installation/commissioning.

Ramboll about Offshore Substations: From a Designer's Perspective

Ramboll shares their presentation about solving the weight optimisation challenge from a designer's perspective by giving insights into Ramboll itself, cost reduction possibilities, KPI based design and historical data, as well as three projects with three different approaches to cost saving. 

Technical design of the Gemini windpark

Paul van Leest from Gemini is presenting the technical design of the Gemini windpark from an employers' perspective. Look at his presentation to learn about reactive power compensation and power quality, including an explanation of the system to comply with energisation dips and harmonics.

Tennet presents: Standardisation of 700MW offshore

Marien Ruppert and Frank Wester from TenneT gave a presentation on last year's conference about AC substations as part of the roll-out strategy for offshore wind in the Netherlands. Their presentation covers topics such as TenneT at a glance, the roll-out strategy offshore wind NL, Tennet roll-out strategy, grid connection design and offshore substation design.